Parish Council AGM


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 26th May 2022 at 7.30pm.

Present; Cllr Jonathan Baker, Cllr Gill Denny, Cllr Yvonne Harris, Cllr Balavant Barber, Cllr Tom Scott-Malden

In Attendance:  Jane Thicknesse, Clerk, and 7 members of the public.

Item No.






Approval of Minutes from 2021 AGM

The minutes of the 2021 AGM were approved and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Barber and seconded by Cllr Denny.


Chairman’s Report for the year 2021/22

Welcome, I am pleased to present the chairman’s report to this year’s Annual General Meeting for 2021/22

You may remember that last May’s AGM was held virtually on Zoom due to the covid restrictions in place at that time. Fortunately, it turned out that was the last one we had to do it that way and have since held 5 bi-monthly Parish Council meetings with tonight’s being the sixth to discuss matters pertaining to the village, taken decisions on planning applications and deal with the more mundane matters such as road surfaces, bins, pathways and many other topics. Mundane they may be, but they are vital for keeping our village safe and attractive.

I would like to firstly thank our Clerk, Jane Thicknesse for her service to us as a council. I certainly would have struggled in the last year without her incredible support and guidance.

I would also like to thank all the councillors for their ongoing support, Yvonne Harris, Balavant Barber, Gill Denny and our newest councillor Tom Scott-Malden. It is always really helpful to hear views from them as we try and build a consensus on how our village should progress going forward.

I would also like to thank those members of the public who join us at our bi-monthly meetings to raise issues, ask questions and generally make sure we are working for them. It would be much duller without you.

And I’d also like to express my thanks to our Footpaths Officer who has battled through adversity in the last year to keep our paths and bridleways clear and accessible to all.

And finally a thank you to our River Warden Martyn Gillingham who has diligently kept our drains and waterways clear in what has been a quite an exceptional year for weather. I would also like to thank Martyn for keeping us up-to-date on the reservoir work that is still ongoing. 

I would like to remind you that all of the councillors and volunteers devote their time and effort without any reward because we love our community.

Some highlights from the last 12 months (Sorry most of these are a repeat from the recent village meeting)

  1. The new SID (Speed indicator Device) was installed, thank you to B & Neil Deinhardt for continuing to move it every 6 weeks as required by Dorset Council
  2. Finger post at corner of Lecher Lane and A356 was reinstated and then not and then reinstated (thanks to certain residents of Chedington for organising this)
  3. The Steps and a gate along Baileys Lane were repaired (thanks to Sue C, Russell Gough and Ian Neal)
  4. The Litter bin in Manor Close was moved to better position nearer the road
  5. Improvements to The Pound (Michael Stevenette) are being developed with quotes being gathered for the work, these will be discussed in the Parish Council Meeting after this meeting
  6. The Painting of Village Gateposts at each end of the village is being investigated again with quotes being gathered for the work these will be discussed in the Parish Council Meeting after this meeting
  7. There was a decision to not put up a new noticeboard in Manor Close (after consultation with residents).
  8. The parish agreed to make a contribution to the cost of the upkeep if the churchyard
  9. We had our first Village Clean since Covid and this was surprisingly well attended with about a dozen or so volunteers. Well done everyone.
  10. And finally, extra money was set aside in the budget for village enhancements and improvements, we continue to welcome suggestions and ideas

I look forward to this year, the first one in a few years without restrictions,  and wish everyone a safe and healthy year ahead.


Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Cllr Scott-Malden proposed Cllr Baker as Chairman. Seconded by Cllr Barber. Unanimously approved.

Cllr Baker proposed Cllr Scott-Malden as Vice Chairman. Seconded by Cllr Denny and unanimously approved.


Financial Report for the Year 2021/22

Approval of 2020/21 Annual Accounts

a. The Clerk, having previously circulated the documents, presented the Annual Governance Statement to the Parish Council. They were considered and approved by the Council. Proposed by Cllr Baker, seconded by Cllr Harris and unanimously approved.

b. The Annual Accounting Statements were accepted and approved by the Parish Council.  Proposed by Cllr Baker, seconded by Cllr Harris and unanimously approved.

The annual accounts for the year 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022 were reported as follows:

Total Income for the year                             £5855.56

Total Expenditure for the year                     £9388.68

Balance in hand as at 31 March 2022        £3661.91

Full details will be available on the website shortly.  The Clerk recorded her thanks to Mrs Angela Gillingham who carried out the internal audit. The accounts will now be sent for external audit.