Minutes 13th January 2022


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 13th Januray 2022 at 7.30pm the Village Hall

Present: Cllr Jonathan Baker, Cllr Gill Denny, Cllr Tom Scott-Malden

In Attendance:  Jane Thicknesse, Clerk, and 5 members of the public.

Item No.


Public discussion of items on agenda

a. The River Warden thanked the Parish Council for providing a Christmas Tree for The Pound.
b. A resident informed the Parish Council that the Village Hall Committee would be organising a village event on Sunday 5th June 2022 to celebrate HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. They enquired whether the Parish Council might be prepared to provide a donation, specifically for a commemorative mug for children of the village, to celebrate this occasion.


Apologies / Declarations of interest / grant of dispensations 

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Balavant Barber (subsequent to the meeting), Alex Bishop (PCSO), Cllr Rebecca Knox (Dorset Councillor)


Approval of Minutes of meeting held on 18th November 2021

The minutes of the last meeting were approved, and were signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Scott-Malden


Matters arising from Minutes of meeting held on 18th November 2021

a. Pipplepen Solar Farm Project

The Clerk reported that she had recently been in contact with Michelle Howley from Elgin Energy who was optimistic that there would be a good degree of progress on the project in January. Updated Design and Access and Planning Statements and a revised layout for the project that reflect the revisions required by Wessex Water and the outcomes of the Geophysical Survey had recently been provided to both South Somerset District and Dorset Councils. Further information on ecology and landscape was due to be provided shortly and it is hoped that once all this information has been received a decision would be made relatively quickly.

b. Fingerpost

The Chairman reported that the fingerpost had been repaired and replaced.

c. Steps and Gate along Baileys Lane

The Footpaths Officer reported that she had been in touch with Russell Goff, Senior Ranger (West and Coast), Dorset Council who had agreed that Dorset Council would provide steps at the end of Baileys Lane. It is hoped that they will also install a new gate but this is still to be confirmed along with the timescale for the work.

d.  Noticeboard in Manor Close

Cllr Denny said that although some village residents had been asked about erecting a noticeboard in Manor Close the survey had not been fully completed. The Chairman requested the outstanding residents were questioned to enable a decision to be made at the next meeting.

e.  Picket Lane

Work to repair parts of the road surface in Picket Lane had been due to start on Monday 10th January but appeared to have been delayed. There was evidence that it may commence imminently.
NB Since the meting it can be confirmed that work has started.

f.  Bank account

The Clerk reported that she had made initial contact with the Co-op Bank with the aim of opening a new bank account. To date progress had been limited but she would persevere and hoped to have more to report at the next meeting.


Clerk/Footpaths officer






a. River Warden

Storm Arwen (25th to 29th November) caused serious damage across northern England, Wales and Scotland but, luckily, had little impact here in Dorset. The second storm, Barra, on 7th December, also passed without incident.
There have been no incidents of flooding reported in the village since my last report in November 2021.
Martyn Gillingham
Tel: 891931, Email: mcvgillingham@btinternet.com

b. Footpaths Officer

At this time of the year the fields become a quagmire especially as most of the local paths traverse farmland. As a result it becomes treacherous underfoot and extra care needs to be taken.
Further to my previous report I have been in contact with Dorset Council’s Senior Ranger who has provided the following update:
Steps and Gate from the permissive path into Bailey’s Lane – One of the Ranger’s team has been and measured up for the steps and the work is in hand. (I understand that they have liaised with the landowner);
Langmoor Lane – The erosion to the headwall and sandbags at the SP end of the Lane has been reported to Dorset Council’s Countryside Ranger and it is still on their work schedule.
Parrett Trail and the Millennium Green – although work has ceased for the winter, as previously reported, the footpath remains diverted and the bridleway closed. Further fencing has been erected at the far (MG) end of the Engineers Road.
There had been an issue with speeding quadbikes on the “Yellow Brick Road” off of Pipplepen Lane, however now that the livestock has been moved the problem has been resolved.
It is important that both farmers and other countryside users respect each other’s rights and safety for the benefit of both.
Sue Coutanche

c. PCSO Report

PCSO Alex Bishop sent his apologies. He reported that whilst not in South Perrott, there was a burglary in the early hours of Sunday 19th December in a house in Chedington. The investigation is still on going. Stolen items include a hand bag containing bank cards and cash, and also a few Christmas presents.

d. Councillor Rebecca Knox

Cllr Knox sent her apologies and a report. In her report she offered her assistance with any planning matters or other matters arising from the meeting and reminded people to stay safe during this period when the Dorset COVID figures remain concerning.


Planning Matters

a. Applications handled since last meeting


b. Decisions notified by DC since last meeting

i. WD/D/20/001708 – Coach and Horses Inn (Parrett Hotel) – REJECTED
ii. P/LBC/2021/01552 – Bakers Arms – installation of secondary double glazing – REJECTED
iii. P/HOU/2021/01325 – Bellamy Farm – erection of garage and log store – APPROVED (with a number of conditions).
Full details of these applications and the reasons for the decisions can be found at https://planning.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/

c. New applications to be considered


d. Tree applications since last meeting

i. P/TRT/2021/05508 – Shepherds Farmhouse – reduce crown of oak by 1m to rebalance
ii. P/TRC/2021/05704 – Hill Farm House – fell 3 ash trees due to die back

e. Other Planning Matters

i. Field along Bailey’s Lane  

The Clerk reported that she was in regular contact with Reg Willing, Senior Enforcement Officer for West Dorset. He had been informed by the agent acting for the landowner that the caravan and two of the three sheds had been removed. Unfortunately this was not the case at the time but subsequent work has resulted in only the caravan and larger shed (erected in 2021) remaining.
The Clerk will continue to liaise with the Senior Enforcement Officer about this matter.



Highways Updates

a. Road sweeper

Recently seen operating in the village.

b.  Shrub in Manor Close

Trimmed back to expose street light

c. Outstanding Matters

i. The yellow warning triangle at the junction of Picket Lane and the A356 to be added.
ii. The overhanging trees at the junction of Pipplepen Lane and School Hill to be cut back /p>




Emails have been received/sent reference Emails have been received/sent reference Highways (various), Planning, Precept

Hard copies of correspondence: Lloyds Bank Statement, Clerk and Councils Direct.



b. Financial Status

Payments made since 18th November 2021

Clerking Work (Nov, Dec 21)

Christmas tree

SID setup costs

Plaque for Bench







Income since 18th November 2021

VAT Refund




New cheques/payments for consideration

Payroll Admin




Bank balance as at 13th January 2022:              £4335.49

b. Village Enhancements, Budget and Precept

The Chairman thanked the Councillors for their work collecting suggestions for village enhancements which were wide ranging and are listed at the end of these minutes. Some were thought to be achievable relatively easily but others would need investigation and costing before informed discussions could take place. The Chairman suggested that one immediate enhancement could be the employment of a ‘lengthsman’ to be responsible for various jobs to keep the village looking tidy. These could include cutting back overgrown vegetation, strimming of public spaces, ensuring pavements are kept clear and checking drains and gullies. The Chairman suggested that the sum of £1000 was included in the 2022/23 Budget which he thought would provide about 50 hours of specific work spread over a 9-10 month period. The work would be advertised locally and interested parties (who had their own equipment, insurance and liability) would be asked to tender. The scheme would be reviewed at the end of the year.
After discussion it was unanimously agreed to proceed with this suggestion and for £1000 to be included in the 2022/23 budget.
The Chairman asked the Councillors if they had any further questions about the proposed 2022/23 budget which had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was suggested that in view of the request for a donation towards HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations the Donations was increased from £100 to £200.

The budget was subsequently set and a precept request of £5500 was approved.
Proposed by Cllr Baker, seconded by Cllr Denny and unanimously approved.
(This is equivalent to an increase of £6.23 on a Band D household.)




Matters of report and items for the next meeting

a. Chairman

The Chairman asked if the Councillors thought a South Perrot Parish Council Facebook page would be useful. It was agreed that there were already sufficient media platforms available for the village but that direct access the South Perrott Support Group Facebook page could be useful for the Clerk.

b. Clerk

The Clerk informed Councillors that various training courses were available and she would be forwarding details.
The Clerk suggested that a notice was put in the Pump and Pound inviting people interested in receiving news from South Perrott Parish Council to contact the Clerk.

c. Members

Nothing to report




Dates of Future Meetings

Thursday 10th March 2022 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8:40 pm

Public Session to raise items for future agendas

a. Concern was expressed about parking in The Pound, specifically the number of vehicles which appear to use it as a permanent parking location. The Clerk was asked to investigate whether it might be possible to introduce some form of restrictions.

Village Enhancement Suggestions

Christmas Tree Brackets
Paint railings from Swing Gate Cottage along A356 and up Picket Lane
Fingerpost on Baileys Lane
BT Phone Box – adopt for use as a charity books swap or sale of veg and plants
Shop – in the village hall or pub
Post Office in Village Hall (coffee, tea etc available) like Mosterton
Safe additional footpath to Misterton to catch bus
More rubbish bins or more frequent collections
Jubilee Party for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Christmas Tree decorations
Lease land near village hall for a playground and seating
Retaining wall in The Pound