Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 12th March 2024 in the Village Hall

Present: Cllr Jonathan Baker (Chair), Cllr Bavalant Barber , Cllr Gill Denny and Cllr Tom Scott-Malden

In Attendance: Katie Armstrong, Clerk, and 3 members of the public.

Item No.



Public discussion of items on agenda

There were no items of discussion.


Apologies / Declarations of Interest / Grant of Dispensations 

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Andy Syddell and PCSO Alex Bishop.

There were no Declarations of Interest or Grants of Dispensations.


Approval of Minutes of meeting held on 9th January 2024

The minutes of the last meeting were approved, and were signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Barber and seconded by Cllr Baker.


Previous minutes actions had been completed and covered in other agenda items in this meeting.


Millennium Green (MG)

The draft Deed of Amendment and draft Deed of Appointment, Consent, Covenant, Undertaking and Release were received from Natural England’s Solicitors on the 18th December 2023.

The approval of the Charity Commission is required before the deed can be signed. The solicitors are seeking this. Also awaiting an approval response for Dorset Council.

A number of interested village residents are starting to arrange a meeting date.

It was proposed by Cllr Tom and Seconded by Cllr Gill for the chair of the council to sign the deeds when available. Unanimously agreed.




Martyn Gillingham/Clerk


Planning Matters

a. Applications handled since last meeting

b. Decisions notified by DC since last meeting

Cllr Jonathan Baker declared an interest and did not take part in any communication regarding this application.

P/HOU/2023/07418- Retain Shed, Fence and Gate.
Councillors had no objections. Unanimously agreed.

c. New applications to be considered

d. Tree applications since last meeting

e. Other Planning Matters
i. WD/D/20/001708 – Coach and Horses
An update was posted on the 2nd February 2024.

Pease use the link below using appeal number 3319224


Reports from Dorset Councillor, PCSO, River Warden and Footpaths Officer
a. Dorset Councillor
No report received


I don’t have much to feed back with regards to the Parish, but I want to advise of some crimes further afield, to keep people vigilant.

So far this year, we have had a theft of a quad bike from a farm on the outskirts of Bridport. This is believed to be linked to a series of quad thefts around Wiltshire and North Dorset. As some of you may be aware, there was a theft of Goats from Marshwood. These have fortunately been recovered and the persons that had them arrested. They are also linked to recent thefts of Goats and a caravan in Puncknowle and are also under investigation for that. Those arrested are not local people, so are not likely to be back in the area. There has also been a theft of several bicycles in the South Perrott area, that were of high value. Please bear in mind your security and contact me if you would like any advice.

It is worth bearing in mind what information you are allowing people to see, especially online. Some people have had items stolen that have been advertised for sale, on sites like Facebook Market place. If you are posting anything for sale, or otherwise, bear in mind what information people can gleam. If selling items, just include a photo of the item and a vague address, such as in the Broadwindsor area. Be careful not to include any property or land marks in the photo that may give away your address. If people get in touch wanting to view the item, you can ask them to give you a call when they are in the area and you can direct them from there.

I am due to attend the coffee morning on Saturday 23rd March, at 9.30.

PCSO Alex Bisho

c. River Warden
The weather has continued to be wet and stormy, and late January saw two further storms, Isha and Jocelyn, but no ill affects suffered by the village.

February, by contrast, has been the quietest month of the winter, without any named storms, but a mild and wet month. In fact, February was the second warmest on record, and southern England experienced its wettest February since records began.

Despite high surface water levels and saturated ground, there have been no flooding incidents in the village over the period, but it has still been necessary to ensure that the highway gullys are not blocked by leaves, particularly in Picket Lane and Pipplepen Lane. 

Martyn Gillingham
River/Flood Warden
Tel: 01935 891931

d. Footpaths Officer

As South Perrott’s Local Footpath Officer I am aware of the importance of our footpaths and bridleways to enable access to the beautiful countryside and the abundance of wildlife that surrounds us. The importance of walking, running and cycling in the open air is recognised as being of immense benefit for both our physical and mental health. In fact GPs are now being encouraged to prescribe ‘walking’ as an alternative to licensed drugs to combat stress, anxiety and obesity.

It is therefore essential that our footpaths and bridleways are adequately maintained. As I have reported previously, due to the inclement weather many of our footpaths are not user-friendly at the moment. In South Perrott (SP) there are two bridleways, W42/4 which is part of the Parrett Trail up to Chedington, a section of which is closed until November 2024. Our other bridleway is Langmoor Lane which connects SP with Mosterton, and is currently in need of urgent repair. I am now discussing repairs for this Lane with Dorset Council’s Countryside Rangers. As recently as 11th March I received a response to the effect that although they do not have the additional quotesfor this work they are chasing these up and are still committed to getting the Lane repaired if possible.

In the long-term my aspiration is to have this bridleway upgraded to a trail way to provide an off road route to Mosterton where there are facilities i.e. a shop, pub and public transport, which we don’t have in SP. This aspiration is also in accord with Dorset Council’s vision to encouraged increased use of outdoor space to maintain and improve our well-being.
Sue Coutanche
Footpaths Officer



a. Financial Status

Balance 8th January 2024

Balance 5th March 2024



Matters of report and items for the next meeting

There has been some information shared with us regarding the possibility of a community bus (CB3 a registered public service bus) staffed by volunteers. This would run on a Saturday between Bridport to Crewkerne. More information will be available at the next Parish Council meeting.

Parish council representatives will be available at the Coffee Morning on the 23rd March to discuss and collect Nomination Forms for delivery to Dorset Council.

It was proposed by Cllr Bee and Seconded by Cllr Gill for council to put a planning TPO application in regarding the tree on Church Hill. It was unanimously agreed.


Dates of Next Meeting

Tuesday 14th May 2024 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall

The meeting closed at 7:23pm